June 16-17, 2023 Kansas City, MO

    Boge Golf

    “Boge Golf was created in the summer of 2021 in the midst of COVID-19. As college athletes that had our seasons directly impacted by the pandemic, we found that ourselves and our friends were playing an incredible amount of golf.

    We all were mediocre at best at the game, but we truly loved spending time together, making memories on the course, and just enjoying the beautiful game. At that moment, the concept of Boge was created – we are a golf apparel and lifestyle brand that represents all the average golfers out there. We truly embrace LIVIN’ LIFE ABOVE PAR.

    Based in Kansas City, Boge Golf is a community-based brand creating an identity of full embracement of mediocrity in golf. We love being stylish on and off the course, drinkin' beers with our friends and attempting golf shots that are definitely out of our arsenal. No matter what our swings look like, we keep swinging and we encourage all golfers to do the same.”