June 16-17, 2023 Kansas City, MO


    Being Latina can many times mean the demands are high but the expectations are low.

    The coronavirus pandemic spared no one. Like millions of other women around the world, staying home meant we found ourselves loaded with new responsibilities, new roles to play and the never-ending pile of dishes. Not only were we overwhelmed by all these new things, we were experiencing all of this new alone; each woman feeling isolated.

    In an attempt to save ourselves, four friends gathered to dig deep and figure out what our new lives now needed. You can imagine, there was a lot of crying in the room. To our surprise, what our new lives needed was a voice. We realized we are simply fed up with being told what to do and with being told how high to dream.

    paraMi in Spanish means, for me. We created an apparel and home goods brand to channel our voice and to help shape the lives we want for ourselves. Our way, our rules.

    paraMi is for the brave, modern woman ready to lead the life she envisions.