June 16-17, 2023 Kansas City, MO

    Daisy Buckët Drag Show

    Saturday 2:30pm | Fountain Stage

    Daisy Buckët, host
    Voted The Pitch’s Best Drag Artist two years in a row, Daisy Buckët has been entertaining audiences for almost two decades. Her debut album Pansy won The Pitch’s 2018 Best Local Album and Best 7” Single. This year she releases Welcome to Springfield, her sophomore album paying tribute to the catalogue of pop diva Dusty Springfield.

    Victor Shawn, performer
    Victor Shawn is one of Kansas City’s most in-demand drag kings. With over 18 years of experience his signature, energetic dance moves remain unmatched, keeping audiences of all ages entertained, excited, and ready for more.

    Lana Luxx, performer
    Lana Luxx is Kansas City’s Japanese Barbie and very own Taylor Swift impersonator. With over 265,000 combined followers on Instagram and TikTok, she uses her platforms as a proud trans woman, unifying crowds of all shapes and sizes. Through her highly engaging performances, she’s ready to show audiences what authenticity is all about.