June 17-18, 2022 Kansas City, MO

    Dawna K

    Saturday 7:00pm | Silent Disco

    Saturday 8:00pm | Silent Disco

    Dawna is an Open Format DJ based out of Kansas City. At a young age, Dawna fell in love with entertaining and mascots. From 2002 through 2012, she helped build the mascot programs at her middle school, high school, and college. For 10 years, she brought a mascot to life by interacting and engaging audiences without speaking. With her creativity, she was able to entertain a crowd through dance and music. Transitioning from life behind a mask to a life behind a microphone, Dawna spent her college years working at the campus radio station. After graduating, she spent 4 more years working with some of Kansas City’s top radio stations in various roles from intern, board operations, to morning show producer, and on-air talent. Now, you can find Dawna all over the Kansas City area and in other parts of the US for various events, particularly school events – elementary, middle, and high schools. Her days as a mascot have helped her know how to engage students and keep them entertained. Dawna’s school dances are second to none due to her energetic song selection. Students know when Dawna shows up, they are there to dance. Her reputation with administration is a trustworthy DJ who has the ability to help with crowd control without sacrificing the party atmosphere for the students.