June 16-17, 2023 Kansas City, MO

    Kat King

    Friday 5:05pm | Visit Missouri Grand Stage

    Kat King’s career started as far back as 2nd grade in small town Kansas. Accompanied by her acoustic guitar and piano in her early career, Kat tugged at the heartstrings of listeners with her clever and cryptic in-the-closet love ballads. As a solo singer-songwriter act, she produced one 13 song album and three EP’s, the first one released at the age of 14. Now based in Kansas City, Kat King graduated into a 5-piece indie-pop rock group who’ve drawn a loyal following, packing out crowds around the city. The group has released one EP and multiple singles together – a number of them on local radio stations’ regular rotation – and their infectious energy has landed them on some of Kansas City’s biggest stages. Through themed shows, dancey covers and melodies that won’t leave your brain, they continue to make a name for themselves in the area.