June 16-17, 2023 Kansas City, MO

    Steddy P

    Friday 8:15pm | Quirk Terrace Stage

    It’s no secret in the Show Me State, that oddly familiar eyeball tag in the alley, in the venue, green room, light pole and usual suspect area where maybe a bomber climb the pole for the highest point, that’s what is truly from here to fame and of the culture, something fought for, forever. Fathom the leap of faith, fright of flight only to be late to the fight, that’s our culture, that’s 2022, sans Pandemic.

    The Indyground eyeball represents one of the most progressive and relevant Hip Hop labels and culture movements ever to come out of Missouri, by way of the point guard, patient progressive prototype and proud parent, Steddy P, of Indyground Entertainment.

    The original self-proclaimed OG Gonzo Rapper is armed with one of the livest progressively rooted rap shows in the business, offering his latest album, SOS: Toxic from the Indyground label.