June 16-17, 2023 Kansas City, MO

    The Freedom Affair

    Friday 10:00pm | Fountain Stage

    The Freedom Affair is a 9 piece soul juggernaut from Kansas City, MO. The band formed in 2017 with a vision to write original soul music inspired by the traditions of the genre’s past with a universal message looking toward the future.

    With their debut album FREEDOM IS LOVE, The Freedom Affair has received critical acclaim and have established themselves as a force in the soul music scene across the states and abroad. Keep your eyes and ears open for their songs and album art featured in the series “Bel-Air,” an Apple commercial, a Netflix series, etc… This band is just getting started.

    The Freedom Affair’s live shows have proven to be soul-stirring, transformative events moving audiences both physically and emotionally to joy, tears, and elation. Crowds rave about the fireworks these folks brings to the stage. Run, don’t walk, to catch one of this band’s live shows.