JUNE 14 - 15, 2024 - KANSAS CITY

    Broderick Jones

    Kansas pop singer Broderick Jones released his 2014 debut “Cuddle” and began gaining popularity fast in his local city. Soon after that more catchy acoustic tunes came to help launch him through the clutter of other musicians in the Kansas music scene.

    In early 2016 Broderick was featured on It’sDifferent Pokemon u remix that went viral over night being viewed 1 million times in less than 24 hrs. Since then, Broderick’s been featured on many other successful features that have racked up to over 34 million views on YouTube alone. All of that success in 2016 helped pave the way for Broderick’s First ever Ep, Me, that released late august 2017.

    After the release of “ME” Broderick’s name continued to grow locally and world wide with the help of other features on @QSTNMRKS “Bad for asking” , @FAREOH “Moonlighting” and @KyleBraun “give me love”.

    Broderick took the next year channeling his new found sound of a perfect blend of pop/rnb and rap, which led to his first single “iheard”. iheard caught fire with its catchy lyrics and melodic melodies being a perfect single off his 3rd EP “Stories Untold”. Being his biggest to date with 60,000 all time streams independently stories became a classic instantly to his fans. With his release of “Where Did You Go pt2” this October anticipation is building for his new album to which we are still waiting on a date.