JUNE 14 - 15, 2024 - KANSAS CITY

    Small country, big ambition.

    Because a desirable society stands on principle and aspires higher, Boulevardia is no everyday experience.

    At Boulevardia we promote the following principles:

    • Eco-urban thinking and promoting the value of green initiatives in all aspects of daily life
    • Providing opportunities to cultivate local partnerships; from fresh, local food elements to artisans, designers, vendors and business relationships
    • Education of the craft beer industry and the business and community impact these breweries deliver
    • Developing and cultivating opportunities for leadership, community outreach and volunteerism
    • Deepening a sense of community among Kansas Citians through the promotion of our city’s unique flavors and culture and contributing to the vitality of the great Midwest
    • Striving to make a difference in the community that supports us
    • That together, we can make an impact



    Father’s Day Weekend?

    Where to start? How about with the fact that by June, summer is starting to crank into full swing. What better a season to savor everything this festival is about? And while we’re paying tribute to the things that make our nation great, our founding fathers also thought it a fine idea to tip their hats to all fathers. Because if there’s anyone who would appreciate a relaxing holiday weekend the Boulevardia way, it’s a dad.



    Grand Boulevard?

    As a pop-up nation, Boulevardia draws inspiration from the community in which we gather to celebrate. In 2014, we had our humble beginning in the West Bottoms in the shadow of the 12th Street Bridge. In 2017 our home moved to the Stockyards District. Starting in 2022, we're thrilled to call Grand Boulevard – one of the most iconic thoroughfares in Kansas City – our home. To us, it's all been one big GRAND adventure.



    Do We Cheers to All?

    There’s already too much trouble and disagreement throughout the rest of the world, so far be it from us to add to any unrest. What makes us happy and our nation function most effectively is seeing people from all walks of life and of all ages, races, styles and personalities come together with the same motivations. We know from experience that there’s power in diversity and it fuels everything we do to provide for our own. Besides, it’s a heck of a lot more interesting too.