JUNE 14 - 15, 2024 - KANSAS CITY

    DJ P

    DJP is Daniel James Phillips, a party-rocking DJ and turntablist from Springfield, Missouri whose resume reads like the “Zelig” of hiphop culture. From his first jaw-dropping DMC competition appearances with WTF track selections and breakdancing to pioneering the whole “mashup” craze. From holding multiple residencies in Vegas to being inducted into world famous b-boy pioneers Rock Steady Crew and touring with the likes of DJ Premier, Jazzy Jeff and bands 311, Garbage and Lit. That DJ competition on BET? “Master of the Mix”? Yeah, DJP won that, too.

    So how did this self-described “rhinestone b-boy” from the the middle of nowhere become one of the most original, thrilling and accomplished DJs working today? DJP first distinguished himself with a show-stealing routine at the DMC U.S. Finals in San Francisco that included Tom Petty’s “Don’t Come Around Here No More” and a spontaneous breakdance routine.

    In 2001, DJP pioneered the whole “mashup” craze on the groundbreaking “Uneasy Listening, Vol. 1” mix CD. DJP blended classic rock and ‘80s pop with hiphop, both classic and contemporary, to blow minds and blow up dancefloors. Though its original pressing was limited to 1000 promotional-only copies, within a year the mix had been widely copied and shared across the internet, and became a cult classic for its thrill-ride “mashup” genres and eras.

    “Uneasy Listening, Vol. 1” eventually appeared on many critics’ yearend top ten lists in the likes of Rolling Stone, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, URB, the Los Angeles Times and New York Times. A half decade of crisscrossing the country followed, including supporting Garbage and Lit on MTV’s “Campus Invasion.”

    DJP relocated to Las Vegas in 2005 for a residency at MGM Grand Casino playing Studio 54 and Tabu Ultra Lounge and was named “Best Hiphop DJ” by City Life Magazine alongside the late, great DJ AM. In 2007, DJP signed a two year contract with the Palms Casino Playing for Club Moon, Ghost Bar and Playboy Club. At the same time, ever true to his b-boy roots, he toured with the likes of DJ Premier, Jazzy Jeff and the band 311, and was inducted into New York’s legendary Rock Steady Crew of DJs, breakdancers and hiphop O.G.s.

    In 2011, DJP won the second season of BET/Smirnoff’s “Master of the Mix” reality show, where his old-school use of vinyl records against his laptop dependent competitors won “#team flghtcase” the $250,000 prize followed by a year of sponsored touring.