June 17-18, 2022 Kansas City, MO

    Ivory Blue

    Saturday 1:15pm | Fountain Stage

    A singer songwriter whose music is a passionate fusion of full-bodied rock with a dash of pop hooks and a healthy dose of swagger, IVORY BLUE formerly known as Ivory Black until a name change in 2018, is an artist dedicated to breaking down barriers and defying staid conventions. Ivory lived a nomadic existence until settling in Kansas City MO and becoming part of the local musical community. After winning a nationwide talent contest in 2017 Ivory Blue started having success with some international radio play which continues today. ​ Ivory experienced a great deal of emotional turmoil as a child. Was put up for adoption at the age of 4 and lived with several foster families until adopted at the age of 9. At a very young age, picked up the guitar and began writing songs by use of a tape player to layer sounds that added to an acoustic song production. At the age of 15, and after experiencing much turmoil in life, Ivory ran away from home and travelled across the country, playing acoustic shows in coffee shops or wherever the opportunity presented itself. ​ As a multi-instrumentalist, Ivory began refining their performance style, using digital looping pedals to stack harmonies and guitar parts live on stage, giving their solo shows the feel of a full band. In 2011, Ivory settled in Kansas City, MO and quickly began attracting an intense regional following for their strong vocals and incisive, deeply personal lyrics. By 2013, Ivory was playing regularly in and around Kansas City and the first EP “Ready Get Set” was released in 2015. While the EP helped spread the word and got much attention from regional radio and TV stations, a big break would come in 2017, when entering NeXt2Rock, a nationwide talent search to find fresh and promising rock artists. Over 1800 national bands entered to win. Ivory was among the top 5 local bands and won regional to move on to the top 5 national bands who battled it off for the win in Los Angeles CA at the legendary Viper Room. Ivory Blue won over the judges, and became the grand prize winner! landing a one year record deal with BMLG who re-released the song ‘Ready Get Set’ from the 2015 EP. Ivory’s re-release of 2018 ‘Ready Get Set’ undauntedly received National and International airplay within weeks. In February 2020 and after studying the craft of recording and self-producing, this amazing singer-songwriter with soaring vocals, passionate love for everyone struggling through life, multiple singles in 2019 and 2021 for their full-lenght album ‘Compound Love’ that will release on Feb 25th 2022, following the ‘Red Light’ EP later that year.