JUNE 14 - 15, 2024 - KANSAS CITY

    Krystle Warren

    Saturday 8:45pm | Elevate Stage

    Jazz? Blues? Folk? Country? It is difficult (and futile) to assign Krystle Warren to one, single genre. What’s obvious is that voice: a contralto that goes from a commanding roar, to a compelling whisper in the span of a song. Circles, the debut album of Krystle Warren & The Faculty, was released in 2009. Their ambitious sophomore release, Love Songs… (twenty-four songs recorded live over the span of two weeks, featuring close to thirty musicians…), followed in 2011, which led to Krystle joining one of her musical idols, Rufus Wainwright, on tour as opener and bandmate. Warren took a surprising turn in 2017 with Three The Hard Way, a solo album, in which she, as a life long Paul McCartney fan (see “Macca”, The Faculty’s single offering from 2023) opted to perform the bulk of the instrumentation, as Sir Paul had done on McCartney. It’s a raw, lean, emotive affair, or as Okayplayer stated: “Warren … cuts with encouraging wit against a sparse backdrop of country twang and handclap punctuation, a big, boisterous voice doing the heavy-lifting and heart-swelling.” Born and raised in Kansas City, now based in France, Krystle will be sharing glimpses of Extended Play, Krystle Warren & The Faculty’s upcoming album release.