JUNE 14 - 15, 2024 - KANSAS CITY


    Saturday 9:30pm | Quirk Terrace Stage

    LYXE (pronounced “Likes”), a three-piece pop-rock outfit based out of Lawrence, Kansas formed out of the love of getting fans to sing and dance along to hip-shaking rhythms reminiscent of classic 80’s and 90’s sounds. They quickly became a favorite of crowds and musicians alike with the lead of Ryan Wise’s crooning vocals and vintage guitar sounds. The trio has an undeniable chemistry that caught the local scene like wildfire. Bassist AJ Knudson brings a loveable charisma to their live presence, while drummer Jimmy Girod’s subtle, elegant delivery gives this act a sophisticated backbone.

    In their debut EP, Everything You Could Ever Want, LYXE strives to create an infectious party environment that hips cannot deny. Pulling inspiration from a wide range of genres, this six-song EP has a pop-rock, new-wave nostalgia that sinks its teeth into you. Luring in listeners with dramatics and lush hooks on “Wave,” yet unafraid to tap into their feral side on “I Got Everything.” The record closes with “Fit,” which makes you feel like you’re in an argument with your prom date in 1989.

    In July 2022, LYXE recorded their debut EP, Everything You Could Ever Want, at Element Recording Studios in Kansas City.