JUNE 14 - 15, 2024 - KANSAS CITY

    Post Sex Nachos

    Monday 12:00am | Visit Missouri Grand Stage

    Post Sex Nachos started in the back of a 2003 Toyota Sienna Minivan named Jolene.

    From the depths of the Midwest alt rock scene arises a soulful and passionate quintet ready to bend genres and produce tunes that’ll make you jump, shake, and move: Post Sex Nachos. Charging into battle for the love of the groove, these roller-coaster rockers are here to redefine the term “boy band” forever.

    Breathing new life into genres across the spectrum – from jazz, to pop, to straight up funk rock – Post Sex Nachos continuously reimagines the scope of what they can do with their art. Where most find a wall, they find a door, in a get-me-a-sledge-hammer-so-I-can-show-this-wall-a-thing-or-two kind of way.

    Post Sex Nachos is (surprisingly) 100% Vegan, Organic, and Homemade.