JUNE 14 - 15, 2024 - KANSAS CITY

    The Phantastics

    What sets The Phantastics apart is their infectious energy and unwavering commitment to their craft. They are known for their high-octane live shows that feature extended improvisation and a signature technique they call the “jam sandwich.” This involves seamlessly transitioning from one of their original tunes into an extended improvisation jam before seamlessly concluding the song to a thunderous applause from the crowd. This signature move has earned them a reputation as one of the most crowd-pleasing live acts around.

    The Phantastics have been called Kansas City’s best dance band by the Kansas City Star, and they have earned the respect and admiration of audiences and fellow musicians alike. They have shared the stage with legendary acts like George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, and were hand-selected by Kool and the Gang to open for them in 2019.