JUNE 14 - 15, 2024 - KANSAS CITY

    Ultimate Fakebook

    Saturday 10:00pm | Elevate Stage

    If rock and roll is dead, somebody forgot to tell Ultimate Fakebook. Not rap-metal or dance-pop or alt-country, but rock and roll: that musical vehicle for the uniquely American sense of freedom; that now middle-aged but still transcendent form with the power to bring to life a dream, a personality, even an entire world view in the space of a three-minute song. Bill McShane, Eric Melin, and Nick Colby – the three members of Manhattan, KS trio Ultimate Fakebook – remember when music could lift you up rather than just beat you senseless. They grew up in Middle America as fans of musicians who seemed more or less just like them, not polished products of some distant entertainment factory. In their good-natured and unassuming way, Ultimate Fakebook are on a mission: to bring back the warmth, humor, compassion, and exhilarating energy of great rock and roll.