JUNE 14 - 15, 2024 - KANSAS CITY

    The Royal Chief

    Saturday 2:00pm | Quirk Terrace Stage

    Storyteller – that’s the term Kansas City native The Royal Chief is adamant about being described as. A song, a video, a stage are all just different forms of canvas to express on. A gifted lyricist, writer, and producer. Chief uses music to connect to the spirit of listeners. “I want people to know they are never alone these feelings you have, hopes, dreams, doubts , and fears are felt by others as well.” Spending years writing and collaborating with Good Music artist such as Kanye West and Cyhi the Prynce Chief has taken all those experiences and infused it into his own art. Refining his craft with every release Dawn, Homecoming, 3 pack, and his most recent Groundwork are all stepping stones to expand his reach and touch more spirits. Being featured by NPR for his song “My Brothers Keeper” The Royal Chief uses these small wins as markers to remember the journey and how far he’s come. “Life is to be lived not completed. In the end all you leave behind is the feeling you gave people. I just want to leave behind inspiration.”